Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby Shower Poems --Ideas!

More ideas for baby shower poems! Click here for an excellent book offer for a great shower.

I was thinking, why not tie this poem theme into the restroom area as well. :P

Don't laugh, hear me out!

You can have a poem printed on a sheet of acid-free scrapbook paper, and cut to size to fit an ordinary glycerin bar of soap. You then melt some wax and lightly give the top a protective coating. It should last the entire party (it should last until the bar melts, actually). *Note: I cannot verify this works, this was something that I did as a child for an art class. This is how we did it to the best of my knowledge. I just wanted to "spark the idea" for you and you can research it more from there.

Another idea: why not print the poem on a sheet that goes around the guest soap --on a lovely paper with a lovely font-- rubber cement or glue stick the poem strip on the rear of the soap. Rest it on some lovely towels for a "don't touch, but isn't this lovely?" effect. Maybe add a little sprig of something tucked lovely underneath the strip yet not blocking the poem?

Hope you have great baby shower poems!

Kelly (PS: If you are new to the site, my FREE FULL DETAILED ARTICLE: BABY SHOWER POEMS: SECRETS REVEALED! is listed at the bottom of this page (first post)).