Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's New

As an active SAHM of four, I've been busy. We also moved homes as we outgrew our other one.
I am going to try making the move from a SAHM to a WAHM.
I would appreciate if you stop by to support my efforts at my new businesses. :))
It's exciting.
I am working behind the scenes, so they are not up yet, but they will be! ;)
I am selling personalized items/gifts there...appropriate for anyone and any occassion--ESP. wonderful for those BABY showers!! All the items I'll be offering (and it's extensive and will take some time to input!) are FABOO, cute, and unique! I know you'll love it!!
I have a blog as well for "behind the scenes action" and specials that I'll offer only through the blog.
Bungalow Forty Two is my online resale shop. I'll be offering just an array of offerings for your home.
I'll update frequently once opened, so you have to check back often (bookmark!) just like you have to stop by a local favorite thrift store. Things are usually only in quantities of one.
(This will not be a resale "woman's clothing" store).

Anyhow, so that is fun and beside the move, keeping me busy!

Feel free to stop by and recommend us to a friend!
I appreciate it. :))

Speaking of BABY SHOWERS....I have one upcoming for a nephew and his wife. Seems like I had a bunch lately!! They come in droves when they come, don't they?

Keep notes from your showers in case you want to re-use your ideas or at least play on them.

Best wishes!


Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby Shower Poems --Ideas!

More ideas for baby shower poems! Click here for an excellent book offer for a great shower.

I was thinking, why not tie this poem theme into the restroom area as well. :P

Don't laugh, hear me out!

You can have a poem printed on a sheet of acid-free scrapbook paper, and cut to size to fit an ordinary glycerin bar of soap. You then melt some wax and lightly give the top a protective coating. It should last the entire party (it should last until the bar melts, actually). *Note: I cannot verify this works, this was something that I did as a child for an art class. This is how we did it to the best of my knowledge. I just wanted to "spark the idea" for you and you can research it more from there.

Another idea: why not print the poem on a sheet that goes around the guest soap --on a lovely paper with a lovely font-- rubber cement or glue stick the poem strip on the rear of the soap. Rest it on some lovely towels for a "don't touch, but isn't this lovely?" effect. Maybe add a little sprig of something tucked lovely underneath the strip yet not blocking the poem?

Hope you have great baby shower poems!

Kelly (PS: If you are new to the site, my FREE FULL DETAILED ARTICLE: BABY SHOWER POEMS: SECRETS REVEALED! is listed at the bottom of this page (first post)).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby Shower Poems

Baby Shower Poems: Hire a poet, anyone?

I just was researching "baby shower poems" on Google and came across this neat service that I thought I'd give you the "heads-up" on!

Do you really want to make your poem special? Then, this seems to fit the bill!

A great service is provided by poet Allen Jesson.

He writes poems specifically for you and they are presented on wonderful handmade paper and wrapped in ribbon and enclosed in an elegant box (all your choice)...and he gives frame-ready prints. Sounds pretty neat! (You'll have to check out his site yourself to get all the real and full details!)

Baby showers are a once-in-a-lifetime event for most women (for their very firstborn child).

So, why not treat yourself to a little something fancy or have one made for the shower hostess....if you are the host, why not order one for the mother-to-be...if you are the mother-in-law or mother of the mother-to-be, why not present a special poem like this during the baby shower? That would really be special and "a keeper!" (Kleenex, please!)

There are so many ideas about how these can be used (see my FREE DETAILED article below: Baby Shower Poems: Secrets Revealed). Enjoy!! --Kelly

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Baby Shower Poems

Thinking about using Baby Shower Poems? Researching the idea?

This article will reveal all the very many creative ways to use poems at baby showers.

When it comes to "special parties" in life, weddings and baby showers come up 'tops' on the list!

If you are going to have or throw a baby shower, please consider using poems!

Read the reasons I list below to see "why."

Our Focus will be on these areas:

  • Why use poems at a baby shower?
  • Who comes up with the poems?
  • Do you have to be a poet?
  • Sources of "Poemspiration"
  • Poems in the invitations
  • At the party, who reads the poems?
  • How do I implement the poems into the Baby Shower Party?
  • Thank You Poems
  • Cake Poems
  • Poems for Activities
  • Poems for Favors
  • Poems for Departure of Guests
  • Poems for Mother-to-be to give.


Why the heck not?! Poems will totally personalize your baby shower! Poems will help inject to your baby shower atmosphere what you are trying to convey -- sentimentality or fun or theme. What an excellent addition to add to any Baby Shower!


Ah! Well, that depends on what the poem is used for. The mother-to-be and work together with her Shower Host and come up with some goodies for the shower parts she is involved in. If it is a surprise baby shower, then it would be the Host(s). The mother-to-be can definitely come up with the thank you poems. The mother-to-be can also write poems to her host after-the-fact, and her mother. Make them sentimental and show your heartfelt thanks! The host(s) can come up with the poems to be used on the cake (we will discuss that later), for the activities (before and after or for the winners and losers or best runner-uppers), for the party favors, and for the thanking of the party guests who went out of their way to attend the baby shower.


No way!! Be creative and fun and original! Express yourself! These poems can be long or short. Funny or serious. YOU DECIDE. Perhaps express the baby shower theme (fun, silly, sentimental,etc.). Just be yourself and your true light will shine through the poems making it even more special to the guests. Perhaps the host can get a little group together that is in charge of the poems. After all, the host has so much to do!


Like that word, "poemspiration?" Thank you! I just made that up! There are many sources to dig up your inspiration! There are online inspiration (absolutely fantastic! I recommend this!). Go online with your computer and look on Google Search or Yahoo Search and look up "baby shower poems samples" or "baby shower poems ideas" or "baby poem ideas" (you get the idea!). There are so many Baby Shower sites out there and I am certain you can obtains tons of "poemspiration!"

Another thing you may want to check is e-cards. There are so many e-card sites! Again, go to the Google Search (or whatever you fancy!) and type in "free e-cards". Be sure to just use the cards as sources of sure to personalize them as fit for what they are for (thank you, game wins/losses, etc Remember: use them as a source of inspiration! Personalize to suite yourself.)

Also, one may want to check out Hallmark or anywhere where they sell cards...peek through them for inspiration! There is also the library! Look at the Poems area or Baby Shower books or Invitations or Thank You Idea books. Ask the librarian for ideas as to where to research.


Now, this is sweet! Why not have one general poem in the invite? It can even be the invite itself, perhaps? Perhaps use a beautiful font, or wonderful ink (silver? gold?), or decorative paper or vellum paper? So many ideas! (check out "card ideas" on the internet!) If it is not the invite itself, it can be a wonderful "bonus" to the invitation (and also a prelude hint to what the Baby Shower will be scattered with: Poems!). A Sample of an invite in poem verse may be:

"Just a little party
With a little treat
In honor of somebody special
We'd like you to meet!
A baby shower is being held for xxxxxx
and his/her mommy xxxxxx"
(and the info, of course!)

But, an added Baby Shower Poem (to the invite) is a lovely idea! Make it heartfelt. Make it silly. Whatever applies to the Baby Shower theme. For example:

"Heather's having a baby
(We know that you know)
Come see her big tummy now
And her new-mom-to-be glow!"


Good question! This is where you can get creative!

If you are the mother-to-be's mother, perhaps YOU want to be the one to read a lovely poem directed to your daughter as a new-mother-to-be...or perhaps directed towards your grandchild to be. If you are the shower host, perhaps YOU want to be the one who reads the baby shower poems that welcomes the guests....and the other poems scattered throughout the baby shower (more later)....and the final "thank you" for attending poem...(or, perhaps you as the host would have a wonderful sentimental "thank you for coming" poem written in advance by the mother-to-be, not telling her WHEN the party is, if it is a surprise. This could prove very touching and meaningful to the guests who attended.)


This is a fun creative part, too! Enjoy really giving this part good thought! Some ideas would be as follows (but use this as a 'jumping-off point'):

  • A Welcoming Poem to the guests as each arrives. (Perhaps scrolled and placed in an inexpensive tiny baby bottle?).
  • The Host can welcome the guests after they are all there in poem and also introduce the mother of the mother-to-be in poem.
  • The mother of the mother-to-be can stand and then read a personal poem written to her daughter who is now a mother-to-be for the first time...and also address one to her grandchild to be (also, she can then hand them to her daughter perhaps framed for a wonderful heartfelt keepsake! The baby will love this when the baby is older!).
  • The Host can start the party games/activities with poems and also end each activity/game with another poem for the categories of winner, loser, best effort, most creative,etc. Make them fun and related to the activity! The more giggles you get, the more bonding is done and the more heartfelt enjoyment by all.
  • There are more ways which I will cover later (below). But, these are some to get you going!


Well, this can actually be two categories: thank you for attending and thank you for the gift.

  • Thank you for Attending Poems. This can be a poem read by the Host (or if done in advance by the mother-to-be) to the guests.
  • Thank you for the gift poem. This is written by the mother-to-be after the party (after all, she needs time!). She can write a cute poem that incorporates the gift received. It can be brief but it will tie-in the poem theme (within a theme!). It also will show the sincere heartfelt thanks by the mother-to-be, as it takes time and effort to do this.
  • Another cool thank you poem may be for the mother-to-be to surprise her mother with a beautiful heart-wrenching poem about how grateful she is to her mother for giving birth to her, etc. (Keep tissues on hand!)


Just to tie it all together, why not put a single nice verse on the cake?!


I already pretty much went through this above. But, just a reminder: it is a neat idea to open each activity/game with a fun poem (to keep the atmosphere friendly and fun!) and even perhaps make a special funny silly one for "levels of winners (or losers!)."

Also--prior to bringing out the cake...announce it with a poem!

Perhaps, have a funny silly poem the host can stand and read out loud loudly to the first guest who gets up to use the restroom! (Be sure not to embarrass! Keep it light and playful.) It can be suggested that winners or losers (or both!) come up with an on-the-spot poem before getting their prize! This should make for lots of laughs!


A nice added gift to the party favors might be to add a poem to it! You can have it on a cardboard square with a little diaper cut-out (or something with a baby theme) and tie it onto the party favor. You can also have it tied up as a little scroll and attach it via ribbon or rubber-band,etc. The Baby Shower Poem should be related to the party favors in some way. Be Creative! Have fun!


I did mention this above, but to recap: the host can read off a lovely poem to the guests before they depart thanking them for coming and telling them how very much appreciative you are for their participation,etc. The mother-to-be could have (weeks or months in advance) have written this "poem for departing guests" and she could stand and read it. That would actually be very touching!!


Besides everything mentioned above, the mother to be can give our personal thank you poems to each guest (they can be short and easy!) and thank them verbally as she places it lovingly into their palms. No guest would feel their presence was unnecessary. This would be most touching! The mother-to-be can give her mother a framed poem she wrote for the baby shower occasion...reading it out loud at first (why not film this?!).

The mother-to-be can include a personal poem fitting in the unique gift she received from each guest in her shower thank you cards.

After reading my article, I hope you also agree that these are wonderful secrets on how to implement poems at a baby shower!

The results should be nothing but fantastic for your Baby Shower!

(copyright Kelly. 2007. All Rights Reserved.)